Nowadays Google is a part of our everyday lives whether we like it or not. This company is so big it has a product for our every need. It has come to a point where the Mountain View-based company is almost a part of us now. It is in our phones with Android, our online searches with Google Search, our pictures with Google Photos, our memories with Google Drive, and so on. It is so omnipresent avoiding it while using a phone or a computer is an achievement in itself.

The strength of Google is its ability to reach people. If you are a business owner you know how valuable your online visibility is. Furthermore, you have the ability to grow a larger audience or let's say to boost your online presence especially if you own a shopping place by using Google My Business in addition to other Google tools. Now you are probably wondering where am I going with this. WPChili is supposed to be a blog about all things WordPress after all. Well, dear reader, the answer is fairly simple: Google is not the only tool you can grow an audience with. WordPress can do it too!

You read me correctly. Using Google might be vital (at least avoiding it would be a major mistake in my opinion) but why not use some WordPress plugins too ? More precisely WordPress plugins compatible with Google Maps.

Good news is there is a plethora of plugins out there already. Some can help you set up a preconfigured map, others can even customize them. For some of your clients having access to Google Maps while browsing your site can be a game changer. Whether it is for getting directions and set up a journey or finding your shop's location, putting a map at their disposal can make a big difference for them and for your business.

Here are the best WordPress plugins for Google Maps you will ever need in case your website doesn't happen to support Google Maps natively. We are sure you will find what you need here to grow your business.

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin for Wordpress



WP Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress


Demo Download

Google Maps Bank Plugin for Wordpress


Demo Download

5 Sec Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress


Demo Download

Maps Builder Plugin for Wordpress



Snazzy Maps Plugin for Wordpress



Mapify IT Plugin for Wordpress


Demo Download

Google Maps Widget Plugin for Wordpress



Responsive Styled Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress


Demo Download

Intergeo Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress



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