Everybody loves a deal.

One of the best feelings in the world is scouring through the online (or offline) world and finding a deal that truly blows you away. Imagine finding a coupon code that saves you 25% on that new computer or takes an extra $15 off on the latest rendition of Assassins Creed.

Perhaps the only thing better than saving your hard earned cash is making a few bucks, while helping others find some truly magnificent deals.

With these 10+ WordPress Coupon themes, creating the perfect deal site has never been easier.

So what makes a great coupon theme?

Well, you want to find a WordPress theme that loads quickly and is mobile friendly. This is pretty standard for most themes these days, but never overlook the importance of those two features, especially for coupon sites. Beyond this, you will need to have the ability for user generated coupons. This not only takes the work out of your hands but it allows your site to grow much quicker and consequently makes you and your users more money.

Speaking of users, it is also important for people to register for your site. A good coupon WordPress theme will allow your members to create an account to see the coupons they uploaded,  deals they saved or perhaps even redeemed. This lets you create a community and not just a one-off site. Having this community aspect is huge for the long term growth of your new coupon site.

So what other features do the best of the best WordPress Coupon themes have?

How about an extensive search capability. Most bargain hunters will head to a coupon site and browse through your listings but they are also going to want to see if you have the exact product they are looking to buy. Don't miss out on a sale simply because your search functionality is mediocre.

One last feature that you are going to want to ensure your Coupon WordPress theme has isn't really a feature at all. It is more of a design element. Every successful deal site is easy to use, clean and modern. Don't make the mistake of having a deal site that is cluttered and difficult to use. This won't just turn away the deal seekers but also the users uploaded all of your money making coupons. A cluttered deal site is one that doesn't last.

If you are serious about creating a coupon site in 2018 then you are going to likely end up choosing one of the 10+ themes listed below. Sure, you don't need a coupon specific theme to make this work but it will certainly save you a lot of time and headaches to browse through the list and find the perfect coupon theme that suits your vision.

Choosing the right coupon theme is your first and biggest step in creating a successful deal site. Using one of the themes listed below will ensure you don't falter right out of the gate.

CouponHunt Wordpress Theme


Release Date : October 4, 2015

Demo Download

Wordpress Theme


Release Date : March 23, 2015

Demo Download

Kupon Wordpress Theme


Release Date : August 15, 2015

Demo Download

Couponer Wordpress Theme


Release Date : July 23, 2014

Demo Download

Couponize Wordpress Theme


Release Date : August 6, 2013

Demo Download

Doo Wordpress Theme


Release Date : June 6, 2016

Demo Download

Comre Wordpress Theme


Release Date : May 8, 2015

Demo Download

Indexer Wordpress Theme


Release Date : October 31, 2016

Demo Download

Geocode Wordpress Theme


Release Date : September 27, 2016

Demo Download

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