Hello Fashion, Atlantic Pacific, Harper and Harley… Do any of these names sound familiar? If you are into fashion and looks they should. These fashion blogs are racking up hundreds of thousands of clicks at the moment. They are among the most popular fashion blogs online. Besides being about fashion these websites have something in common: they all are powered by WordPress!

WordPress is so easy-to-use no wonder every self-claimed fashionista is using it to create her personal site or business online. Its ability to handle heavy traffic without difficulty makes it a perfect choice for this kind of website. It is the go-to tool if you wish to share your passion for fashion with the whole world.

We have selected 10 WordPress themes that will fit your every need if you are about to launch a fashion-oriented website. Be sure the themes who made the list are SEO-friendly and visually appealling but that's not all of it. Indeed we paid attention to details. These themes had to fit our criteria before being selected. They have to have great user-experience design and short loading times which is more than important when you are dealing with several HD pictures of clothes. Compatibility with the most popular plugins, customization possibilities and the quality of the code were also taken into consideration while making this list.

One of the most interesting feature about these themes is the ability it gives you to make money! You can easily set up affilition links and ad spaces in order to generate a revenue stream with your website. You do not have to be a famous fashionista to make a living with WordPress. If others do it why can't you?

Please take a look to the list below. I am sure you will find the WordPress themes you need to kickstart your online fashion business.

Glossy Wordpress Theme


Release Date : October 22, 2016

Demo Download

Kloe Wordpress Theme


Release Date : January 29, 2016

Demo Download

Metz Wordpress Theme


Release Date : May 4, 2015

Demo Download

Grateful Wordpress Theme


Release Date : December 16, 2014

Demo Download

SugarBlog Wordpress Theme


Release Date : September 28, 2015

Demo Download

The Voux Wordpress Theme


Release Date : May 12, 2015

Demo Download

DeVoe Wordpress Theme


Release Date : May 1, 2015

Demo Download

Look Wordpress Theme


Release Date : November 25, 2016

Demo Download

CheerUp Wordpress Theme


Release Date : August 6, 2016

Demo Download

Esquise Wordpress Theme


Release Date : March 3, 2015

Demo Download

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