Are you getting ready to start your own podcast in 2018?

It is probably a really good idea as podcasting has become a huge trend across the world and it continues to grow year over year. This is the perfect time to jump in and have your voice heard.

But where do you start?

First, you need to have a topic you are passionate about, a decent microphone and probably some handy recording software. Once, you have that taken care of, you are going to need a place to interact with your listeners and of course store all those amazing podcasts you are about to create.

This is where WordPress comes in.

Wait! WordPress is mostly for blogging, right? Are you telling me, I can now use it for my podcasting too?

You better believe it!

There are some AMAZING podcasting themes that will give your new show the professional look of a Hollywood blockbuster. The themes below have some pretty incredible features that will take your podcast to the next level.

So, what type of features can you expect to see in these podcast-specific WordPress themes?

Well, they are typically designed with audio (and video) in mind, so you will have dedicated spots on your homepage for featured podcasts, and of course you will have built-in audio players throughout the site so your audience can quickly and easily listen in.

One of the best features about these themes has to be the podcast page. The dedicated podcast page makes it easy for your listeners to not only listen to your show but to also read your description, engage with you through the commenting section and of course get all of the show notes. Some themes actually come with a dedicated section for your show notes, which elevates the level of your podcast page even more.

These themes aren't just about the audio and nifty features though. They are generally designed with a nice clean and modern look that are mobile friendly. This last point is important. According to a Salesforce study, 68% of podcast listeners tune in on their tablet or smartphone. If your site isn't compatible with mobile phones then you just lost out on a huge chunk of your potential audience.

If you are serious about starting up a podcast in 2018 then you need to create a powerful website that is mobile friendly and has all the audio features built into it. This will make your life a lot easier and will exponentially increase the user experience for your listeners.

Take a look through the WordPress podcasting themes below. I guarantee you will find something that will resonate with you. Grab your theme and get ready to blow your audience away with a stunning website and an awesome podcast.

Good luck with the podcast and have fun building out the best podcasting site on the web.

Audonic Wordpress Theme


Release Date : May 16, 2017

Demo Download

Chords Wordpress Theme


Release Date : September 24, 2014

Demo Download

OnAir2 Wordpress Theme


Release Date : February 21, 2017

Demo Download

Podcaster Wordpress Theme


Release Date : February 21, 2014

Demo Download

Remix Wordpress Theme


Release Date : August 9, 2014

Demo Download

SoundByte Wordpress Theme


Release Date : March 30, 2016

Demo Download

Viseo Wordpress Theme


Release Date : May 2, 2017

Demo Download

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