One of WordPress many advantages is how easy it is to create a website in no time regardless of your field of expertise and without any technical knowledge. Gone are the days when WordPress was a limited tool used to create standardized blogs. Nowadays the most famous content management system can be your go-to solution to make e-commerce website as well as a place to showcase your photos.

If your goal is to show the world your photography skills WordPress can help you through that. It is true you can find “basic” themes and templates online that can fit any kind of needs people have, including sharing your pictures with everyone. But that is not what we recommend.

Now you are certainly wondering : why should I use a WordPress theme focused on photography instead of a standard one?

For the simple reason that a photography-themed template is specifically designed to highlight your pictures. This way you can demonstrate your skills and worth as a photographer. Think about your WordPress website as your online art gallery.

When your goal is to create a website mainly focused on photography you have to consider some pretty specific features.

In order to process a great number of HD images you need to be sure the WordPress theme you have chosen is able to compress your pictures without damaging their quality. Always take compression, weight and size of your images into account. You also need to think about how your art will be displayed to your readers. You cannot afford to optimize your pictures if your layout doesn't do them justice. You are set to blow people's minds not sharing carelessly-cropped blurry pictures.

To help you with this, we offer you a curated selection of the best photography WordPress themes out there. No need to worry about responsiveness, SEO-optimization, user experience and customization. We have taken every criteria into account so that we can present you with what is best for photography bloggers.


Photo Me Wordpress Theme


Release Date : July 21, 2015

Demo Download

Eram Wordpress Theme


Release Date : January 31, 2017

Demo Download

Kreativa Wordpress Theme


Release Date : July 21, 2017

Demo Download

Timber Wordpress Theme


Release Date : July 15, 2015

Demo Download

Oshine Wordpress Theme


Release Date : December 4, 2015

Demo Download

The Gem Wordpress Theme


Demo Download

Kinetika Wordpress Theme


Demo Download

Grand PhotoGraphy Wordpress Theme


Release Date : October 26, 2016

Demo Download

TwoFold Wordpress Theme


Release Date : May 21, 2016

Demo Download

PhotoGraphy Wordpress Theme


Release Date : October 25, 2015

Demo Download

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