Pack your bags, ladies and gentleman.

This is for all of you travel junkies out there that want to show everyone just how amazing the rest of the world is. Over the last few years, travel blogging has exploded onto the scene with just about everyone and their dog starting to share their own travel stories.

There is a great reason for this trend though. People love to read about travel. It gives you chance to day dream about amazing places that you have never been. It also provides a wealth of information and knowledge. When you are planning that perfect trip, it is nice to hit up your favorite travel blog for some tips on where to eat, what to pack and what to expect.

If you are a world traveller who wants to share their adventures then now is definitely the time to do so. It couldn't be easier as you can quickly have your travel site up and running by the end of the day. This is a result of platforms such as WordPress, which make creating a blog so incredibly easy. It gets even easier when you realize that WordPress has a whole whack of themes that are dedicated to the travel blogger. That's right, no special coding or customization work needed. Just install and start blogging.

So what makes the perfect travel blogging theme?

Well, there are many things but one of the most important is how visually appealing the theme is. Let's face it, after you climbed Machu Picchu, you definitely snapped an amazing, high-res, shot of Peru. Wouldn't it be nice if you could show off that amazing photo on your newly minted travel blog? Of course!

Always find a travel blog theme that allows for high-res photos and lots of them. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not ramp up your word count by sharing as many amazing travel photos as you can.

Besides being visually appealing, it is crucial that your WordPress travel theme is mobile friendly. Everyone is on the go – especially world travelers – so your travel blog needs to be accessible on every portable device known to man. If someone is looking for that hot restaurant tip while wandering the streets of Shanghai, your travel blog had better be accessible to them from their smartphone.  Otherwise, their poor restaurant choice will be on you.

Whether you are blogging for fun or you are looking to earn a little extra cash on the side, using a WordPress travel theme that is mobile friendly, visually appealing and easy to use will make your writing experience that much more enjoyable. The  WordPress themes listed below definitely check off all the boxes for a perfect travel theme, so now you just have to figure out which one you like the best.

Embark Wordpress Theme


Release Date : August 22, 2017

Demo Download

Travelkit Wordpress Theme


Release Date : November 17, 2016

Demo Download

TravelTour Wordpress Theme


Release Date : February 8, 2017

Demo Download

Citytours Wordpress Theme


Release Date : October 22, 2015

Demo Download

WPVoyager Wordpress Theme


Release Date : July 15, 2015

Demo Download

Travelogue Wordpress Theme


Release Date : December 20, 2014

Demo Download

MyBlog Wordpress Theme


Release Date : March 29, 2015

Demo Download

Insight Wordpress Theme


Release Date : June 3, 2015

Demo Download

Tipi Wordpress Theme


Release Date : June 11, 2014

Demo Download

Gnar Wordpress Theme


Release Date : March 15, 2016

Demo Download

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